language class

English Language & American Culture

Students will embark on an immersion journey in speaking English, getting to know the BHS campus, and exploring Ojai and California.

June 30 – August 3

The Institute will provide students the opportunity to get a head start on the school year. When they arrive in September, students will be familiar with the language, environment, and day-to-day activities that make up their lives here at BHS. New BHS students requiring ESL for the fall will automatically be enrolled in the Summer Institute.

The students will have a schedule that mirrors many aspects of the school day at BHS. From academic and art classes in the morning to study hall and dorm crew jobs in the evening, they will get used to the duties they will have during the year. In addition, the Institute provides opportunities to have fun and learn about American culture. Outside of classes, students and faculty play games and travel throughout California – from Ojai to Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, and many places in between.