At Besant Hill School…

…The World is Your Classroom

Students from twenty-two countries, six continents, and thirteen American states make-up our school community. The diversity in culture that is present on our campus allows each student to develop a global mindset by studying, creating, working, and effectively communicating with teachers and students from numerous locales around the world.

The curriculum is unique and a true product of Besant Hill School. Learning will be relevant, have context, and will go beyond the foundational aspects of each subject. There is a focus on developing important life skills, in addition to leadership, presentation, and research skills. Students engage with the global community in meaningful and valuable ways, and the world is brought into the classroom on a daily basis.

…Possibilities are Born

A multitude of possibilities are born in our community of respect. Trust is the foundation of interactions at our school, and this leads to students taking risks, being stretched beyond their comfort zone, and engaging in many new activities, all while learning more than they ever expected. Before graduating from Besant Hill, students will learn a new language, travel to different countries, visit museums, interact with non-profit organizations, and learn about the condition of our planet and the intricacies of world politics. Almost any curiosity for learning can be satisfied at our school.

…All Paths Lead to the Destination

On our campus, learning happens differently than at most schools. Besant Hill is not a traditional learning environment, as the average class size is ten students, teachers go by their first names, and every adult is aware of how each student is best able to learn. Classes are designed with all types of learning styles in mind. Teachers use the profiles of each student to ensure that lessons are designed with the versatility to incorporate a diversity of instruction so that all students reach the destination.