A Love For Learning

Academic programs at Besant Hill School emphasizes the school motto, “Aun Aprendo, I am still learning.” Instilling a lifelong love of learning is the goal of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum balanced with experiential learning and arts programs.

Learn How to Think
Not What to Think

Within a framework of Universal Design, teachers employ multiple best practices in the classroom including the Socratic Method, Mastery Teaching and Cooperative Learning. We value and encourage creativity and a creative mindset in all classes, teaching how to think, not what to think. Academic classes, including art and physical education, are all valued equally in the pursuit of educating the whole person.

Portrait of a Graduate

Our graduates will:

Think critically and synthesize knowledge.
Honor their individual strengths and be resilient.
Engage in their creative and artistic passions.
Model global citizenship.
Embody the ideals of environmental activism.

In each class we demand that students take full responsibility for their education. We offer honors and AP classes in the junior and senior years. Instructors in our ISP (Instructional Support Program) help students to better understand their learning styles and to utilize strategies and techniques in support of their academic success.

The foundation of our curriculum is based on the University of California A-G class requirements and our courses are approved through the University of California System. This, along with our WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation ensures that our classes are of the highest academic level.

Graduation Requirements

The basic graduation requirements at Besant Hill School are as follows:

English4 years
Science3 years-including 1 year biology and 1 year chemistry
Foreign Language2 years of the same language / 3 years highly recommended
Math3 years, through Algebra II
Social Sciences3 years-including World History and American (U.S.) History
Arts3 years (visual or performing)-at least one year of the same art
FitnessEach year while attending Besant Hill School
ElectivesAt least 3 classes, one must be Senior Capstone

These graduation requirements surpass both the University of California and the California State University systems, and prepare students for admission into American colleges and universities.

At Besant Hill School we believe that our learning community embraces our motto, Aun Aprendo. To that end, we offer a curriculum that inspires students while demanding excellence and his or her best effort. We teach our students to use their knowledge to become thoughtful, ethical members of the world community.