Athletics and physical activity are integral parts of student life at Besant Hill School. Our school strives to provide meaningful athletic activities that will instill a passion for lifelong health and wellness in our students. Each season, all students are required to be enrolled in a fitness or team sport. A single season of a team sport is required between a student’s freshman and sophomore year, and again between a student’s junior and senior year.

Team Sports

Our competitive team sports are built on value-based coaching with an emphasis in participation, commitment, sportsmanship, and striving to do one’s best.

Success for our student-athletes and coaches will never be defined by wins or losses but by how hard they worked to attain both their personal and team best. Our no-cut policy allows room for students of all athletic levels to have the experience of being part of a team. Following the school’s motto, Aun Aprendo “I am still Learning,” mistakes are not only expected but considered a requirement for growth.


Intramural activities we offer include….