Aldous Huxley

English novelist, author of, “Brave New World”. Member of the Vedanta society, he was a regular contributor to the Southern California Vedanta journal, Vedanta and the West. Huxley wrote thirty-one books, sixty-five stories, and innumerable articles—Vedantic themes appearing in many of them. Even his novels were created as vehicles for expressing his philosophy. Krishnamurti and Huxley had met in California in early 1938 and became friends for life. They found themselves forced émigré and neighbors in California during the war as they were unable to leave America. The evidence of their subsequent work leaves no doubt that they influenced each other during the crucial period of the war. Huxley served as a trustee of Happy Valley School for fifteen years and was instrumental in developing the school’s educational philosophy, the balance between academics and creative expression, as well as the principle of respecting the unique potential of each student.

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