Aún Aprendo Day 2021 Word Cloud

Aún Aprendo Day 2021:

Engage in Creative & Artistic Passions

Aún Aprendo Day was an inspirational and creative day to build community and create connections beyond classroom learning and grades. It was an opportunity for the faculty to share their love of learning through their passions, talents, and interests and for students to aspire for meaningful connections with their passions and empower them to be lifelong learners.

Words used in graphic to the left were submitted by students to describe the day.

Student Learning Opportunities:

Spanish through Photography

Let’s Make a Music Video

Adventures in Adaptation

The Language of Food

A Naute Experience: Listen to the Unseen

American Voice: Music & American Identity

Sports History & Trivia

Political Commentary through Art

Students’ Reflections of Aún Aprendo Day:

Keoni L. ’22
The activities I signed up for Aún Aprendo day were Adventures in Adaptation, history of sports, and learning Spanish through Art. During Aún Aprendo day I learned some new Spanish vocabulary, the history of some of the sports that I enjoy watching and playing, and how to create an adaptation from a scene from a play or movie. All of the teachers who I had an activity with an impact on me. The highlight of this session was learning more about the history of sports and racism in sports because I’m very passionate about sports and I’m very interested in racism in sports as well. One thing I took away from Aún Aprendo day was to never stop learning things outside of school and continue to explore your passions. The sessions were very productive because we were able to get to know our group mates more and what the teachers are passionate about outside of grading and teaching. Aún Aprendo day was an awesome day to alleviate any stress from school.

Harley M. ’22
The monologues from my performing arts class have helped in engaging in my creative and artistic passions. Because performing a monologue includes being creative and using my artistic passions. Acting is something that I hold very close to my heart and I always love engaging my creative and artistic passions. Using resources like this improved my open-minded skills and creative thinking, which is very helpful in our daily lives.

Walker S. ’24
On February 26th, 2021, Besant hill had its first Aún Aprendo day, a day outside of the normal curriculum in which we enjoyed fun and informative activities. One of my three Aún Aprendo activities was the language of food, a lecture about what certain foods help with. We learned that things like Spirulina and Papaya are great for keeping your hair, Dark Chocolate is a good stress reliever and the blueberry is the best fruit for you. We also learned that the reason some ethnicities have varying body types is because of the types of food they eat instead of just the amount.

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