BHS Celebrates Annie Besant’s 176th Birthday!

Today, we honor Annie Besant’s visionary legacy as we mark her 176th birthday. Her vision brought the Happy Valley Foundation and Besant Hill School of Happy Valley into existence, emphasizing the power of small groups united through study and work.

Nearly a century later, this vision endures. Annie Besant’s foresight led to the creation of this remarkable place, where students’ potential is nurtured, creativity flourishes, and intellectual growth thrives. 🌟

Embracing the spirit of Annie Besant’s vision, we invite our community to reflect on the unique value of our small school. May we all approach life with the same enthusiasm for learning, growth, and giving back that Annie Besant embodied. Let’s carry forward her legacy, cherishing the spirit of our motto: Aún Aprendo (I am still learning), as we confidently embrace the future.

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