College Counseling

At Besant Hill School, a fully focused preparatory school, the College Counseling Office works closely with all students and their families from the moment they arrive on campus.

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Students are encouraged to develop and explore passions and interests while keeping in mind their responsibility toward their overall health, success, and personal fulfillment. As a college prep school, Besant Hill School provides students with guidance on their journey toward higher education. We offer support in all aspects of counseling, including:

  • course selection and strength
  • extracurricular activities
  • test preparation
  • the college search
  • college application process
  • on-campus SAT testing

Statistics prove students score higher on the SAT when tested in a familiar environment.  As a certified ETS (Educational Testing Service) testing site, students are able to sit for the SAT in classrooms where they are comfortable.

Besant Hill School does not view college admission as “a prize to be won.” It is the result of thoughtful research, preparation, and planning. Hence, the college counseling process is an individualized one, the goal of which is the best possible match between each of our unique students and the college or university that best meets his or her needs.

Our students matriculate to a wide range of institutions, from public universities to small art colleges. Approximately 90% of seniors choose to enroll at four-year institutions, while the remaining 10% may opt to defer admission while taking a gap year, or enroll in a two-year school with the plan to transfer to a four-year institution.

Individual meetings with the Director of College Counseling are available and encouraged upon request at any time, regardless of the student’s grade level.


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College Rep Information

Besant Hill School of Happy Valley welcomes visits from colleges to help introduce our students to a world of possibilities for their future educational endeavors. We host college reps on most school days between 8:00am and 3:00pm.

College Planning Timeline

Our philosophy is that the college search process is one of self-discovery and personal growth. It isn’t something that happens overnight, or in just a student’s senior year.