Waste Not April

“Waste Not April” is a time to bring greater awareness to what we consume and throw away as a school community, and practice reducing our waste. Among other events and presentations, we will watch and measure our consumer and food waste.

There is No Waste in Nature

Recognizing that 80% of the greenhouse gasses we emit into our atmosphere come from the manufacturing, use, and disposal of the things we buy, and that nearly 40% of the food grown is thrown away, we start to ask the question of how to live more sustainably in nature.

Media Team PSA:

My Amazing, but Stupid, Gift

Special Presentation by Willa Janszen ’18

Willa Janszen ’18 put together an amazing presentation exploring the lifecycle of the Croc Phone Case. It’s amazing when we start to understand the amount of waste involved when making a product that will make its way into a landfill within six months on average. It will make you think twice about getting someone an amazing, but stupid, gift.