Tuition & Fees

SAT Prep & College Application Essay Writing

  • 4-Week SAT Prep & College Essay Writing:
    Day Students: $3000, Boarding Students: $6200
  • 3-Week SAT Prep:
    Day Students: $2500, Boarding Students: $5200
  • 1-Week College Essay Writing:
    Day Students: $700

STEM Program

  • 4-Week Session:
    Boarding: $6200

English Language & American Culture

  • 5-Week Session:
    Boarding Students: $8000

All rates are listed in US Currency and include the following:

  • Tuition for all academic, art and sports classes including materials and excursions
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Medical services at our health center
  • All weekend activities

Additional Expenses

Health Insurance ($200)
All students are required to provide proof of medical coverage during the summer program. International students are required to purchase our recommended insurance plan. Domestic students can either purchase our recommended insurance plan or provide proof of health insurance coverage. For more information, please read our Health Packet.

Airport transportation ($200)
Families are welcome to arrange their own transportation arrangements, or we can also make arrangements (once flight details are received) and bill the family accordingly.

Bedding and Linens ($30)
We encourage students to bring their own linens and towels, however, we do have linens for rent (supplies are limited).

Laptop and TI-83+ calculator (required for SAT Prep)

Spending Money
All students can acquire an account (Sundry Account) on campus for use during the summer program. An account can be created when paying the tuition by sending additional funds. The amount depends on students spending habits, $400 is recommended. Students can withdraw $40 per week from the business office during designated hours. With parental permission, students can withdraw additional money as needed.