Student Government

Leadership is valued at Besant Hill and there are many ways for students to get involved and how to become a leader. Student Government is responsible for class meetings, school-wide social activities, and clear communication among the student body. Grade-level officers plan class activities, fundraisers, and community projects, among other responsibilities. We encourage all students to become involved in the leadership of our community!

Besant Hill Student Government for the 2016-2017 school year:


  • Cate Steward
  • Yiyi Zeng

Senior Class Representative

  • Katie Beasley

Junior Class Representative

  • Lambert Li

Sophomore Class Representative

  • Nicolas Rosen

Dorm Representatives

  • Shanice Kalima
  • Nadin Nassar
  • Shivani Vaswani
  • Michael Anekwe
  • Parker Gornet
  • Toby Zeng

Day Student Representative

  • Ruby Jane Sizemore

2016 Student Body President Campaign Video

As part of the Media Team, filmmaker Michael Hopkins contributed wonderful films on school events during his years at Besant Hill School. To support a winning bid for Class of 2016’s co-president, he and fellow students made a creative ‘propaganda’ video!