Photos & Videos

The Student Experience can vary greatly from student to student depending on their interests, but when asked, the common thread between all students is a sense of community and an appreciation for the beautiful land surrounding our campus.  The feeling of connection between each other and to the land is the foundation on which academic success, creative achievement, and personal growth are supported. Enjoy recent videos and explore more photos, videos, and student news.

Spring Variety Show

The Spring Variety Show was performed on Friday, March 1, and what a fun night it was! Nearly 30 students performed everything from pop to classical music; there were dance acts, a super hero battle, a man with a whip and even an appearance by Freddie Mercury and Queen. Great job everyone!

Project Day

Project Day’s happen in the beginning of the year when students return from Fall Trips. After several days of camping off the coast of Santa Barbara, students return to beautify campus by planting trees and gardens, cleaning up facilities, and taking part in the first Spirit Council of the year. Thanks to student and talented filmmaker, Michael Hopkins, ’16, for capturing the heart of Project Day in this 2014 short film.