Something Fishy Going on in Biology Class

Last week, biology students received a shipment of tiny Rainbow Trout eggs from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This week, tiny trout can be spotted nestled in the gravel at the bottom of the classroom aquarium. Teacher Leland Fulton hatched the plan after hearing about Trout in the Classroom, a program where instructors and their students set up an aquarium in the classroom, receive fish eggs under a special CDFW permit, and observe the fish as they hatch and develop.

In March, Leland and his students will head to Reyes Creek in Lockwood Valley and release their stock of juvenile Rainbow Trout, adding to a now-growing population of this species, thanks in part to school initiatives across California.

In connection with this project students learn about:

  • freshwater ecology
  • anadromous fish (fish who migrate between the ocean and freshwater streams)
  • and conservation biology

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