Phoenix Dorm Takes Green Cup

Green Cup Energy Challenge for 2016 is now complete… and here’s how things played out:

As a school community we continued to REDUCE our energy consumption for the eighth straight year. For the four week period our conservation of energy showed an overall reduction on campus of 5.4%…

Phoenix dormitory made a come-from-behind effort in week 3 and 4, reducing their energy consumption by 19% and 11% respectively to end the month with an energy reduction of 7.6%. Over on the other side of the hill, EOS ended three weeks of incredible energy reduction with an unexplained energy blowout in week 4 that wiped out their hard work in one fell swoop. EOS ended the month with an energy reduction of 1%. Soooo…Phoenix Dormitory will be holding on to the Green Cup for the third year in a row!

I also want to give a shout out to the great efforts made by folks in the other buildings on campus: Science and Art Studios held on to a 33% energy reduction for the month, and the Dining Commons reduced energy use by 5.7%. The Zalk Theater wrapped the month up with a 9% energy reduction. The only area we could not demonstrate energy reduction was the Office/Library/Classrooms where energy use went up for the month by 2%.

Congratulations all on a successful Coyote Green Cup Challenge…I am truly amazed that after eight years we can continue to reduce our energy consumption simply by making this extended community effort.

With much appreciation for all that you do,