Music Students Hit the Road

Saturday morning, following Friday’s outstanding variety show, music students from Advanced Instrumental Music and Instrumental Music II hit the road to attend the Dos Pueblos High School Jazz Festival in Goleta.  Both classes performed and were adjudicated and had an invaluable learning experience.

Later that afternoon, another group of student musicians headed north to San Jose for the South Bay Guitar Fest.  Sunday morning, teacher and students performed together for the great classical guitarist and educator David Tanenbaum.

Please congratulate the student musicians when you see them on campus!

  • Ziqi Z. ’19, drums
  • Emily K. ’18, guitar
  • Jennifer L. ’18, guitar
  • Jamie C. ’19, bass guitar
  • Marek F. ’19, guitar
  • Giang K. ’17, piano
  • Lillian H. ’19, clarinet
  • Cobin H. ’18, drums
  • Ruby Jane S. ’17, bass guitar
  • Shivani V. ’18, trumpet
  • Samantha Z. ’18, piano
  • Ruth F. ’18, guitar
  • Billy R. ’17, guitar
  • Sienna J. ’17, violin