It’s, Almost Maine for This Year’s Fall Play

The Performing Arts Department of Besant Hill School will present, Almost Maine by John Cariani on November 9th and 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Zalk Theater located on the school’s campus. No reservations are necessary and there is no charge for admission. The play is comprised of 9 short scenes that deal with love and loss.

“Taking place in a town called Almost, in the state of Maine, (the townsfolk just never got around to incorporating so, they’re just “almost” a town) the scenes let us peer briefly into the lives of many of the town’s residents as they struggle to find and/or keep love. Most, but not all of the scenes have a happy ending and are somewhat absurd in their presentations.”

Performed with minimal sets and props, the show relies heavily on the beautifully structured and detailed writing. The play was first performed Off Broadway in 2006 and while the run was brief, the play has become one of the most produced plays in the country, surpassing A Midsummer Night’s Dream In 2017.

Almost Maine will be directed by Arts Chair Dan Call and stars Svea A. ‘20, Jana A. ‘20, Luisa B. ‘21, Kylie B. ‘19, Ava B. ‘21, Elana D. ‘19, Calki G. ‘22, Tristan G. ‘22, Yllan H. ‘21, Emmy H. ‘19, Tony J. ‘20, Emmett J. ‘21, Harkrishan K. ‘20, Judy L. ‘19, Tabitha M. ‘21, Bibiana M. ‘21, Tindi M. ‘21, Pat O. ‘21, Milo H. ‘20, Leina’ala R. ‘20, David Y. ‘21