Fall Play 2016: Night Must Fall

The Performing Arts Department presented the classic suspense-thriller Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams on Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12 in the Zalk Theater on the school’s campus.

The play centered around Mrs. Bramson, an aging “invalid” living alone in her cottage in the English countryside and Dan, a former page boy at the local pub and her newly found aide who has ingratiated himself into the household. When a local woman disappeared from the pub and was found decapitated in the rubbish pit near Mrs. Bramson’s cottage, suspicions arose and lives were threatened. All alone in the house Mrs. Bramson found herself frightened and vulnerable. The sudden appearance of Dan not only scared Mrs. Bramson but the audience as well. Screams echoed throughout the theater as Dan followed through on the threat he presented to Mrs. Bramson. Too late to save her, Inspector Belsize managed to arrive in time to discover the murder and arrest Dan.

Everyone enjoyed the show and the slow and steady tension that mounted throughout the evening.

Starring in the show were Cate Steward ‘17 as Mrs. Bramson, Gorkem Uysal ‘18 as Dan, Emily Kuhn ‘18 as Olivia, Ben Castel ‘18 as Hubert, Katie Beasley ‘17 as Mrs. Terrence, Emmy Hilgers ‘19 as Dora, and Serena Shane ‘18 as Inspector Belsize.

The play was directed by Dan Call, Performing Arts Chair, with senior McCoy Chandler acting as his assistant. Sophomore Susan Beckson transformed young to old with her talented makeup skills. Veteran light and soundboard operator Ruby Jane Sizemore ‘17 was again at the controls to deliver sound effects and lighting changes. Ojai locals Kenny Dahle and Claire Cleary were responsible for set design and lighting design, respectfully.