Outdoor Education

It’s into the California Wilderness for School Outdoor Ed Program

Last weekend the outdoor program went out for their first overnight trip of the season. Guided by science instructor Leland Fulton and Director of Sustainability John Wilkinson, a group of students hiked into the Sespe Wilderness to practice backcountry camping and cooking skills. Part of our objective was to find the Potrero John falls upstream from our camp. This trip was a great training opportunity for our students as they prepare for a multi-day backpacking trip the weekend of April 20th.

Upcoming Trips

The weekend of April 20th we will be embarking on a three-day backpacking trip in either southern Yosemite NP (dependent on snowmelt) or up Cone Peak in Big Sur (currently the most likely scenario).
Finally, sophomores and juniors of the outdoor program will be heading up to the South Fork of the American river for a rafting trip on Sunday, May 13th. We are joining OARS for a day of fun whitewater rafting before returning home on Monday. These sophomores and juniors will be using this trip as an opportunity to hone their leadership skills for outdoor program excursion next year.