California Rain Fills School Vernal Pool

The vernal pool on campus is home to one of last remaining natural pools of its kind in Southern California. After several years of being dormant and dry due to the ongoing California drought, recent January rainstorms brought the pool back to life. In this video, Director of Sustainability Tod Cossairt along with our student media team introduce the pool and what makes it such a unique habitat.

What is a Vernal Pool?

A Vernal Pool is a temporary pool of water that provides habitat for distinctive plants and animals. Considered to be a distinctive type of wetland, usually devoid of fish, vernal pools allow the safe development of natal amphibian and insect species unable to withstand competition or predation by fish. Adapted species such as Verna Shrimp, Clam Shrimp, and certain species of frogs can reemerge after decades of no water.  More about Vernal Pools.

Video & Photo Gallery: