Entries by Oliver Cornell

School Magazine, Fall/Winter 2017

Our school magazine, Aun Aprendo, is named after our school motto, which means “I am still learning.” In the editions below, you will find photos highlighting our beautiful California location and school events along with articles, links to video, save-the-dates, and more. Find alumni news in the Alumni Howl section.

A Call to Action, Fire Relief Fund

It is humbling to have to ask, but we are in a place where we have been humbled by this firestorm. Our community is small and it is going to be on all of our shoulders to help us rise up from the ashes. We have done it before, and this is a place of education that needs to exist for generations to come. This is our collective responsibility.

Thomas Fire Update & Thank You

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to our entire community, which not only entails the students, faculty and staff, but also our parents, alumni, trustees, and independent school colleagues from around the country offering assistance, a listening ear, prayers, and positive energy.

Ojai Fire Message & Update

We are all safe, and evacuated at approximately 8pm last night (Monday 12/4) to Oak Grove School. Jodi Grass, Head of School and the amazing staff here have been fantastic. We are now in Santa Barbara to get into an area with better air quality and to relieve the anxiety of our community.