The goal in our Surfing class is to have our students up and riding the waves and to provide each student with a holistic education of what it means to be a surfer. The course is built around three principles:

  • Surfing Education
  • Surfing Fitness
  • Riding Waves

We will not surf each day. The ocean is a variable environment, and many days are not suitable for surfing. If we are on campus, expect to train in a number of fitness activities that will help you become a better surfer. We will also spend time in the classroom learning about the ocean, waves and the history and culture of surfing.

Class Rules and Expectations

  • Swim Test
    In order to participate in this class, you must pass a swim safety test. The ocean is a challenging environment, and we need to know that you have basic swim skills. The swim test is ten laps of non-stop swimming completed in under ten minutes and two minutes of treading water.
  • Fitness
    All students are expected to participate fully on non-surfing day workouts. These workouts are designed to help you become better surfers and will revolve around three primary workouts: Surf Yoga, Surf Cardio and Surf Core.  Failure to participate will result in removal from the class.
  • Equipment
    The Pacific Ocean is a cold environment and a wetsuit is essential for enjoyment, safety and survival. It is expected that you will purchase at least a 3/2 mm full wetsuit. Booties are optional, but highly recommended. We will provide beginner surfboards, but if you continue the class, it is expected that you purchase your own.