outdoor ed

Outdoor Education Fitness

Spring Term (February – May)

Exploring the wilderness of Southern California,  this spring fitness option combines backpacking, rock-climbing, and wilderness survival skills in order to prepare students for a multi-day trip in the backcountry.  Students will increase cardiovascular fitness while also developing greater strength and agility. Wilderness survival skills and trip planning experience will increase student confidence as they prepare to embark on each outdoor adventure.


  • Successful completion of a baseline fitness test (TBD by instructor)

  • One pair of rock climbing shoes (trip to REI for shoe purchase at the beginning of the course is provided)

Outdoor Ed News

Biology students look for fish in aquarium

Something Fishy in Biology Class

Last week, biology students received a shipment of tiny Rainbow Trout eggs from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife This week, tiny baby trout can be spotted nestled into the gravel at the bottom of the classroom aquarium.
student on Anacapa Island

Exploring & Restoring Anacapa Island

15 students and two faculty members worked with biologists from CIES to plant 1,100 native plants on one of the island's more sensitive slopes and seabird habitats.
School Summer Magazine 2017

School Magazine, Summer 2017

Our school magazine, Aun Aprendo, is named after our school motto, which means "I am still learning." In the editions below, you will find photos highlighting our beautiful California location and school events along with articles, links to video, save-the-dates, and more. Find alumni news in the Alumni Howl section.