Digital Arts

The Digital Arts course is an intensive introduction to Adobe Photoshop, in which students learn a wide range of imaging techniques. Students start with a basic understanding of layers by putting themselves into a photo multiple times, and then we begin to dig deeper and deeper into the multitude of uses the program can facilitate.

During the semester students will complete many projects, such as: a narrative scale project, making a house out of an everyday object, arranging photo collages, using multiple different image types (photographs, scanned materials, text, and digitally created layers) to create a digital collage, and a self-defined final project.

Throughout this course students are given the option to either create several simple images or fewer more complicated images for each project, allowing students to take on greater challenges if they are interested in doing so.


Students taking the photography class will be cultivating a range of technical skills as well as best practices in image making. Throughout the course, students will practice landscapes, portraiture, and self portraits. During this practice students will be building their photographic toolkit. Honing in on compositional techniques, uses of shutter speed, aperture/depth of field, and ISO, students should leave the course feeling comfortable with a manual device.

The culmination of the course is an individualized photographic series. Each student will define their own project parameters, create and curate a body of work under an umbrella theme. Such projects have ranged from minimalistic images of the body to flying shoes.

Students who have taken the Photography class are very welcome to take the class again to continue to fine-tune their skills, and if they would like a bit more freedom, they always have the opportunity to pursue an independent study.