The Besant Hill School and Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts support a long tradition for ceramic artwork. Ceramics is instructed at Lower Campus, in a secluded and peaceful spot. Students create functional work and sculpture through the application of a variety of hand building techniques, wheel throwing techniques, and glazed finishes.

The Beatrice Wood Center For the Arts

Once the home of the famed ceramicist Beatrice Wood, it is now a museum and art gallery located on campus. The Beatrice Wood Center hosts the work of some of the most innovative artists today. Wood once taught pottery to Besant Hill students and lived the creative life as a potter and artist until her death at 105 in 1998.

Read More About Beatrice Wood in our History & Heritage section.

Example Project:  Ceramic Vehicles

Clay is the oldest and most natural medium for sculpture. This was a fun and informative project, learning more about how clay holds together and dries by constructing small vehicles with slabs of clay.

Once the main structures have been formed, students carved designs, added detail and glazed the bisque fired cars. Beautiful pieces to be featured in our Spring Arts Festival.