Visual Arts

Our purpose as a designated college preparatory school is to also include an emphasis on the visual arts. Besant Hill School’s Visual Arts Department cultivates critical thinking and creative practices that are aware of our constantly evolving global environment.

We believe the arts have the power to speak across language and culture. Creative problem solving is promoted, connecting individual ideas to larger communities. Courses explore the fundamentals of art and design, concept development, technique, and craft. Content and style are examined using history and culture as tools to discover deeper meaning. In-depth portfolio guidance is available for students who plan to apply to art schools and colleges.

Students study with educators who are also practicing artists and creative professionals. All students at Besant Hill School are encouraged to participate in the Visual Arts, regardless of experience or level. We instill confidence in students, so they can find their unique voice, and we teach how to apply this voice through vision and form.

Visual Arts Course Descriptions

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There is no society ever discovered in the remotest corner of the world that has not had something that we would consider the arts. Visual arts – decoration of surfaces and bodies – appears to be a human universal.

Steven Pinker