Art History Students Curate Spring Gallery Exhibit

The 2018 Besant Hill Student Art Show is a collection of work created during 2017–18 school year.  The show consists of art created in the various classes—Studio Art, Advanced Art, Ceramics, Arts Foundations, Photography, and Digital Arts—with curation by the students of Art History as a component to one of their in-class projects. The classes consist of students from all grade levels.  The work represents the diverse range of technical and conceptual art practices that the current students have studied throughout the school year. Utilizing the Logan Gallery at the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts,  the gallery show was also used as an opportunity for students to experience and participate in an art exhibition similar to how it happens in the real world.  Students created and prepared their art for exhibiting. They learned to write artist statements, worked on their verbal critique skills, and visited the gallery during the installation of the show. The 2018 Besant Hill School Student Art Show exemplifies the diverse talent, hard work, and creativity that exists within our student body.  

The show was one of many wonderful events of this year’s Spring Arts Celebration and Family Weekend.