Capstone Program

The Besant Hill Senior Capstone Program provides students with a variety of opportunities to participate in flexible learning activities that promote 21st-century skills.

Daniel Wallock ’14 published a book.

Capstone projects focus on global and community partnerships, social responsibilities, creative problem solving, critical thinking, self-direction, collaboration and technological proficiency.

The Capstone Program aims to encourage seniors to take their education outside of the classroom, by crafting projects where they may explore their interests and use their academic skills to contribute to the world beyond our school. The actual Capstone experience takes place over the course of the last three weeks of the academic year.

Deciding on a Project

Beginning in January, the student completes a proposal process that results in a clear plan for her/his project; goals, guidelines, and responsibilities. The final proposal must be approved by the Senior Capstone Director, and in certain instances, in consultation with faculty and administration.

The purpose of the Senior Capstone Program is to provide an educational experience outside of the classroom. The on-site projects occur during the last month of the academic year and allow students to participate in what usually an off-campus experience is resulting in:

  1. The student’s practical application of academic knowledge or research in an area of academic or creative interest.
  2. The student providing a service to the community.
  3. A student experience in an area related to a career interest.

Capstone Projects will take the place of the normal school schedule. The successful project involves student participation at least five days a week, for a minimum of seven hours (the equivalent of a typical school day).

When I decided that I wanted to do my Capstone in fashion design, I got nothing but support from my teachers. My project was a collection of 10 pieces, inspired by a certain type of woman, someone youthful and fierce, strong and determined. I used lots of bold colors and lines to express this quality. The work was intense, and I had a lot to learn from my mentor about working from patterns and getting my designs to go from sketch to reality. I loved the work – when you are passionate about what you are doing, it’s hard to stop.

Christy BarnesSanta Barbara, CA

2019 Capstone Project – Community Art Exhibit

Taking the Lead

The student is responsible for every phase of the process, which includes initiating the investigation, contacting a potential sponsor, selecting a faculty advisor, writing the application and the proposal, arranging for transportation, meeting all deadlines for project progress and making a presentation on her/his project to fellow Capstone participants and community members. School faculty and staff offer assistance and guidance along the way.

By the end of the Senior Capstone project it is our goal the seniors have met Besant Hill School of Happy Valley’s mission “… of developing an individual’s intellectual and artistic abilities, through awakening the spirit of inquiry” as well as putting into practice knowing how to think and not what to think.

Interviews with local Capstone projects 2014

Anja at Rio Gozo Farm

Moussa with FoodforThought

Kane, Jordan and Han at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy