Our Common Purpose

In 2013, our Strategic Planning Committee published Our Common Purpose, a booklet to clearly outline a six-year plan. The committee was asked to carefully consider the growing needs of our school and its financial sustainability while maintaining the mission set forth by the school’s founders. We have already realized MANY OF THESE goals and continue to plan for our future.

Strategic Plan for 2013-2019

It is such a wonderful time to be a part of the Besant Hill School of Happy Valley community! With the arrival of the 2016-17 school year, celebrating 70 years as a school, our campus was buzzing with that new and fresh energy that only the start of school can bring – lots of excitement and happiness about the weeks ahead. Equally as exciting is the progress and work that we have made in the past few years on the school campus itself. We are confident that the efforts devoted to our the students along with the beautification of our campus and expanding facilities (see Growth in Progress) will ensure that the time spent at Besant Hill is one of the best experiences that a high school student can have today.

It is through the generosity of our school’s faculty, parents, alumni, and trustees of the Happy Valley Foundation, that helped our vision become reality. I welcome the opportunity to visit with more members of our school community—past and present—to discuss this significant time in our history. In the meantime, please enjoy reading Our Common Purpose!

Our Common Purpose, School Strategic Plan

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