Growth In Progress

In 2014, our campus expanded with four new faculty/student homes, named Doornink Grove. In 2016, we opened the Lee Sanders Aquatic Center. And there have been many upgrades to our campus and classrooms along the way!

Our Newest Addition: The Lee Sanders Aquatic Center

Since the 1950’s our school has been dreaming about having a swimming pool on campus for its students to enjoy. Over the last ten years this dream was fervently pursued by fundraising, planning, permitting, and laboring towards this elusive goal. With many renderings completed and requirements met, Head of School Randy Bertin announced in Fall of 2015 that, “the excavators have arrived, and we have officially broken ground!” This was received by a student body that roared with applause and cheers, as they too have been anticipating this facility for quite some time.

In the Spring of 2016, the project was completed and named the Lee Sanders Aquatic Center in memory of a beloved 1960 alumnus. Students were given swim tests to assess their abilities in the water and an official opening party with music and food by the pool was held on April 1. For the remainder of the school-year, and all summer long, the pool was enjoyed by students, faculty, and summer program students. Swimming was  introduced to the athletic curriculum at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.

Our school has been able to realize this goal through the generosity of many donors and a commitment to the vision in Our Common Purpose: 2013 – 2019 — which prioritized the construction of a new swimming pool facility.

Other Recent Campus Improvements


In 2015-16, we completed our long-awaited swimming pool project along with continued upgrades to our paths and stone walls, an improved wireless network, and added more campus signage. This summer, the EOS dormitory was painted and re-roofed and looks great! We also resurfaced our basketball and tennis courts.


In 2014-15, we completed the first phase of new housing now known as “Doornink Grove” along with many other improvements including new paths, upgraded fire sensors, new stone retaining walls, a kitchen renovation, EOS dormitory renovations, updated signage, and new drapes in the Zalk Theater.


In 2013-14, we completely renovated the Phoenix Dormitory, rebuilt the amphitheater, replaced all the walkways and paths, added new railings along stairs, and broke ground on our $2,000,000 construction project for four new faculty/student housing units!

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