About Our School

The Happy Valley School was founded in Ojai, California in 1946. Now known as Besant Hill School of Happy Valley, we are a boarding school with a sound philosophy that remains the same as the vision of our our founders. They believed an environment that encourages the fullest development of student potential is one that affords the opportunity to explore creative as well as intellectual abilities. They believed a school with a global community would cultivate understanding and promote world peace. Learn about our college prep school by exploring below.

Our Mission

The mission of Besant Hill School is to develop each student’s intellectual and artistic abilities. Through awakening the spirit of inquiry, we encourage students to pursue integrity and excellence. Our non-competitive, intimate, unique community builds honesty, respect, compassion, and responsibility. Our goal is to develop a lifelong habit and love of learning, a concept that’s embodied in our school’s motto, Aun Aprendo—I am still learning.

Our Common Purpose

In 2013, we created a clear strategic boarding school plan for the next six years. We published that plan in a document titled Our Common Purpose: 2013 – 2019. We are confident that the efforts devoted to our students, along with the beautification of our campus and expanding facilities, will ensure that time spent at Besant Hill School is one of the best experiences a high school student can have today.

School Facts & Statistics

Besant Hill School of Happy Valley is a private, coeducational college preparatory school for boarding and day high school students. We are located on 520 rural acres in upper Ojai, a small resort town located 85 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California. Our small student body, beautiful location, and dedicated faculty create a unique learning environment for each student to explore his or her passions within a supportive and diverse community.

Growth In Progress

We have already achieved many of the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan. Campus improvements are ongoing, including the recent addition of four new faculty/student homes and an aquatic center.

School Magazine

Our school magazine, Aun Aprendo, is named after our school motto, “I am still learning.” In the editions below, you’ll find beautiful photos highlighting our stunning California location, along with articles, photos, links to video, save-the-dates, and more.