Student Experience

Living in Community

The focus of the residential boarding program is to encourage an atmosphere that supports the academic, creative and personal growth of each student within the framework of a healthy community. Achieving this balance requires the effort and goodwill of all of us who live closely together in the community of the school.

Our residences feature comfortable, modern rooms, as well as lounge areas and a student center that lend themselves to plenty of relaxing. Students are free to leave campus on most weekends, but those who remain can take advantage of our full program of organized weekend activities - everything from beach trips to kayaking, movies, shopping mall expeditions, hikes, concerts, trips to Universal Studios, and more. Living as part of a residential community is not only great fun, but it helps develop the empathy you need to get along with all kinds of people - a skill you'll draw on time and again in all aspects of your life.

Our Diverse Community

In an increasingly multicultural world, it's very important to become comfortable with diversity. There's no better way to achieve that level of comfort than by living, learning and playing alongside students from around the globe. Our students come from China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States. At Besant Hill, students enter into a synergetic relationship: International students study the language and culture of our country, through both our English as a Second Language program and their interaction with their American peers. Likewise, American students learn about the diversities of peoples and cultures throughout this world, from their international friends. This sharing helps to foster the kind of understanding that is imperative for all of our students, as they prepare to live and work in a world that is becoming more interconnected every day.

Students & Staff

Much of the magic of Besant Hill happens through the equally connected relationships of students and staff outside of the formal class setting. These close relationships are among the richest rewards of boarding school life at BHS. Every member of the Besant Hill faculty is a member of your residential life team. They and their families (and our 20 campus dogs!) become extensions of your family and together we create an amazing community.

BHS is a place where you can be yourself. No matter who you are, everyone becomes friends. You're not an outcast EVER. It's a place where teachers aren't JUST your teachers - you build relationships with them. You begin to think of them as good friends rather than teachers ... It’s not just a school—it’s a community..." Lily Jensen '10