About Our School

Besant Hill School is a community of students, faculty and staff who are committed to living out our school’s motto – Aun Aprendo, I am still learning.

We live this promise every day through our culture and by working individually with each student to help him or her achieve their passions while also instilling the unique values of the Besant Hill School Portrait of a Graduate.

I invite you to get to know our community of learning and respect, and also our commitment to the Besant Hill values of honoring the individual, critical thinking, creative and artistic passions, global citizenship and environmental activism. This unique combination along with our small size, committed faculty and staff, and beautiful location, distinguish Besant Hill from any other school you may visit.

I would also like to urge you to read more about our new vision for the future of Besant Hill School in the Strategic Plan, "Our Common Purpose: 2013 – 2019."  During the upcoming months and years, we will be working to achieve the priorities outlined in the plan. We are confident that with these efforts devoted to the students in our school, the time spent at Besant Hill is one of the best experiences that a high school student can have today. This is an environment where teens can grow, not just merely study for a test or the SATs, but also take what they learn and synthesize new knowledge about the problems they are facing, and to be adaptable to change and new learning. We encourage a commitment to lifelong scholarship.

As you explore this website, I hope you are able to see the many examples of this extraordinary mission in action, not only with our current students but in the highlights from our alumni as well. I think you will find our portrait of the graduate in all of them... and our mission as alive as ever.

Aun Aprendo,